Hello, I’m Rachel!

I am a writer, designer, and brand strategist on a mission to help passionate, creative businesses stand out and stay true to their core values and mission.

I’ve been working independently as a designer for nearly two decades, and just recently changed the focus of my design and branding consultancy to work with small heart-centred businesses like yours.

I am currently based out of Montréal, Quebec, Canada, but have lived in places around the world. (And I’m planning another international move with my family this year. Yay!)

Things you should know about me: I’m tenacious, I love to experiment, and I bring empathy and intelligence to everything I do. That’s my secret sauce. I’d love to learn yours.

Things I know about you: you can bring your all to a fulfilling business while staying true to who you are, your core values, and mission. Your brand stands out when you take a stand for something you believe in. 

My job as a designer and brand strategist is to uncover deep truths about your work, your passions, strengths, opportunities—truths you already know deep down. I love learning about your unique business, and understanding your audience through you, because you know them best. You’re the expert and I’m here to help you make what you already know shine in a unique and true-to-you visual brand and website.


Simple is Smart 🤓

There is genius in making complex ideas clear, with empathy, analogies, and stories.

Focus, Focus, Focus 🎯

Staying grounded in who you are, what you do, and why it really matters, and saying no to what doesn’t fit your reason for being here, will make the right people will gravitate to your business.

Authenticity Needs Room 👐

Showing up authentically and bravely requires room to learn, to grow, and to leap. In my work, I pair challenge with warm support. 

Light Reflects 🌌

When we shine our true selves and share our luminosity, we let other’s to shine, too. That doesn’t mean we need to put on a shiny-happy facade. When I’ve been most broken, I’ve been most open—and these fissures let the light in. (Hat tip to Leonard Cohen & Rumi.)

Alive And Amazed, We Can Move Mountains ⛰️

Our work can be a joyful resistance to limits, if we see what is beautiful and true.
Ambition is not a dirty word for good people doing good in the world.

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Note: I currently have five spots open for visual brand + website clients who want to launch in the spring!

Email: hello@launchhappy.biz

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